Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Zhodani Lift Infantry Squad - How would you organize it?

From the old JTAS a Zhodani Lift infantry squad has the following characteristics;

8 infantry
1 gunner(which we assume is the vehicle gunner)
1 vehicle commander

equipped with;
Gauss rifles
 1 PGMP-14

1. Though apparently inspired by 1960-70's vintage Soviet motor rifle organizations, these organizations are quite outdated by early 21st century standards. The squad lacks team leaders. All riflemen have limited LSW capability through the generous distribution of 'shoot through" RAM grenades. "Indiviually carried tac missiles are issued as the mission warrants", indicates that there could be more support weapons issued if needed.

2.  In the Soviet BTR model, the BTR has as driver and a gunner.  We could assume this is a typographic omission. The APC is listed as a 12 passenger vehicle. The listed numbers total 11. The empty seat is in line with BTR organization as stated in FM 100-2-3.

An updated squad organization could look like this;

Squad Leader (NCO)

Assistance SL (vehicle commander)
Vehicle Gunner

Team 1
Team Leader
2 Riflemen
1 Man-portable ATGM ('tac missile' in Striker terminology)

Team 2
Team Leader
2 riflemen
1 PGMP-14 support gunner

A. Alternatively, place the ATGM and PGMP together in one team to form a base of fire and use the other team as the maneuver element
B. Does not factor in supporting fire from APC - includes VRF gauss gun and on-board ATGM.


  1. I think this was the organisation I was thinking of when you posted about Zho Colonial troops.

    The fire team as the base manoeuvre/combat element, rather than the squad, seems to match most modern Orbats I've seen. The tac missle seems a little retro, but gives the squad a couple of kilometers range on targets, which the PGMP won't do.

    Nice update.


  2. TNE/Striker-II had two fireteams per Zhodani lift infantry squad.