Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Tavrchedl’….Zhodani Thought Police

Something I've been noodling around with for post-invasion occupation games. Good force to use as regulars against Imperial insurgents on an occupied planet.


The Thought Police can be found on planets occupied by the Zhodani and throughout the consulate. A cross between law enforcement, social services and garrison troops, the Thought Police are small teams of psionic specialists paired with regular security forces.

Proctor platoon
Platoon Headquarters, with;
            Platoon Leader (officer) (Y)
            Platoon NCO (prole)
2 Squads each with;
            Command fire team, with;
                        Team Leader (Y)
                        2 Riflemen
                        Grenadier, with G/L
            2 Fire Teams
                        Team Leader (Y)
                        3 Riflemen

Inquisitor team
                        Tavrchedl’ lead officer (Y)
                        Tavrchedl’ junior officer (Y)
                        2 security troopers with tranq guns and basic body armor

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