Monday, February 13, 2012

The Ine Givar Insurgency

We often forget that the Fifth Frontier War was more than just hi-tech armies blasting away with fusion guns and nukes.  Asymmetrical warfare played a role in the war as well  mostly in the form of the Ine Givar insurgency. 


"We demand an end to the nobility. We demand that the Imperium remove all corrupt and oppressive local governments. We demand that the Imperium restrains the predatory economic activities of Imperial corporations, and we demand that the Imperial security apparatus be replaced with a system not riddled with corruption and brutality."
- the Ine Givar manifesto

No government is perfect…and the Third Imperium was far from perfect. In addition to external threats such as the Zhodani, the Swords World and the Vargr, the Imperium faced ‘home grown’ threats from disaffected individuals within the Imperium. While their stated goal is the overthrow, or modification of the “Imperial” political system, the movement includes factions dedicated to anarchy, or criminal gain under the flag of patriotism. In the Spinward Marches, the IG is widely believed to be a front or puppet of the Zhodani Consulate.

The definitive work on the Ine Givar movement remains, Andrew Moffat-Vallance’s classic “Secrets of the Ine Givar” published by Pyramid magazine. An excerpt of which reads…

Ine Givar was born on Rhylanor in 948, to noble parents. His family were minor nobility - political "placeholders" in the hierarchy, of a kind that became increasingly common in the latter Imperium. Much of his childhood was spent traveling, brought along on make-work "fact finding" missions that were the lot of the petty noble. Young Ine Givar saw world after world, and saw many oppressive regimes that the Imperium had turned a blind eye towards. These travels were to have a profound influence on him, leaving him a deep feeling of disillusionment regarding the Imperium.
He enrolled in the University of Rhylanor in 966, to study political science. A talented student, he gained his Bachelor's degree with honors in 970. However, he had become increasingly involved in politics during . . .

By the time of the Fifth Frontier War, the memory of Ine Givar has spawned a full fledged revolutionary movement across the Imperium. In the Spinward Marches, a full scale insurgent war has broken out on Efate. Ine Givar cells operate on a number of other Imperial worlds conducting terror attacks and occasional full-scale assaults on the Imperium, the mega-corparations it protects as well as their local minions.
The insurgency’s organization and equipment varies from planet to planet. On Efate, the ‘insurgents’ are practically a regular military force, well organized and supplied.  On other worlds, the movement’s forces are less organized and resemble a ‘rabble in arms’.


Ine Givar forces on Efate

Equipped to Efate TL standards
Some stocks of higher tech weapons (captured, imported)
Zhodani Consulate ‘advisors’ frequently present
Forces are a mix of regulars and irregular troops

Template for other Ine Givar forces

Size based on local population
Equipped to local TL standards (+/-) Some off world equipment possible.
Rarely have Zhodani intel operatives assigned.

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