Sunday, November 9, 2014

Progress on the WWI front...with Floatplanes!

Our recent group mega-order from Shapeways arrived and with it the fun. I've got a lot of work lined up for the winter. For a quick start, I primed two models that were ready for priming. These are two German Imperial Naval Air Service planes - the W12 two seat fighter and the W29 late war two seat monoplane.

The W12 is in the foreground with the W29 behind.

These models are printed in the Fine Ultra Detail (FUD) material. It's basically a smooth plastic resin that provides great details. The only downside is that it's not as durable (i.e. game table friendly) as the White Strong Flexible (WSF) in which I get most of my models printed.

You can see the detail on the wing ribs, the engine exhaust and struts. 

The model has the Wings of Glory flight peg cast to the bottom of the model - that's a plus.

The W12 next to it's predecessor the KDW.  North Seas gaming anyone?

Wonderful detailed model. The only assembly required was to attach the propeller.