Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Titan Gunship from Rebel Miniatures

Attended Cincycon last week and had a rousing good time gaming. In addition to the fine games, I acquired a new miniature - the Titan gunship/dropship from Rebel Miniatures.  The Titan is a larger casting (bigger than the Earth Force Saber class gunship, but you can see a clear family resemblance between the two miniatures. It's a nice casting if you are looking for something a bit larger to streak across your battlefield and pickup your isolated troops.

Here is a shot of the box right off the rack.

And we pop the top to reveal the contents

Nice! Not too much going on in here. Big solid pieces of miniature. 

Next we sort the pieces out on the table. Yep - the kit comes with six (6) rocket pods!

and a rough shot of what the final product should look like. Unlike the Saber, the engine pods are all integrally cast as part of the wing or the tail boom - a welcome feature!

Both in look and style, the Titan reminds me of another recent VTOL purchase - Khurusan's Doe gunship. Here you can see the two side by side. The Doe looks taller, but bear in mind that a.) its in the foreground and b.) it is sitting on its landing gear. In length and width the two kits have similar dimensions. The Doe is a bit taller, but not dramatically so.

The cockpit designs do vary a bit. Both use a tandem layout similar to the old Soviet Hind helicopterAs can be seen in the picture, the Titan has a pair of spacious cockpits compared to the Doe. Titan's layout reminds me of a trainer variant of an old Soviet IL_28, while the Doe is clearly inspired by the Mi-24 Hind.

Titan will make a great addition to my miniatures, providing a 'heavy' gunship that fits in stylistically with my existing Saber VTOL models. Look for more posts on assembly and painting of this guy!