Thursday, August 22, 2013

Welcome to Tulwar and Bayonet!

Tulwar and Bayonet is a blog devoted to my hobby of playing tabletop miniatures games of the historical battles from the Anglo-Sikh Wars of the mid-19th Century.

I got started down this path in the 1990's when I was reading up on the colonial wars of Queen Victoria. The Sikh war was interesting as it was one of the few times that the British (or rather the East India Company) actually stood to lose battles that could indeed cost them the war.As it turns out, the Honorable East India Company won every battle, but the casualty counts were high enough to shock the British people and government.

Its a colorful period with redcoats, (on both sides) lots of artillery, cavalry and even camels and elephants. I plan to document my efforts at gaming this little know conflict covering both the rules I use for the games as well as the various figure manufacturers that make up my miniature armies.

Getting back to battery

Has it been two months since my last post? Wow - it really must be summer (and work, and the dog...and the myriad other things going on in my life these past few months).

Anyway, on the 15mm sci-fi front, I received a pack of bits from Topgun for their line of grav vehicles. Just in time for fall - I can add these kits to the workbench and get cracking on them. They'll be great additions to the 15mm Traveller stuff I enjoy doing.

So stay tuned and I'll work at getting something a bit more 'content rich' added to the site.