Saturday, September 29, 2012

More painting progress....

Slogging away on the current painting projects. The painters in The Miniatures Page encouraged me to post pictures of my progress both as motivation and to get some feedback. So enjoy the show and if you have any comments (good or bad) I encourage you to post them!

The Halberd IFV (ex-Rebel Miniatures EDF APC) is nearly done with just a few touch ups needed before applying the dull coat. Here's a picture showing the front end with a squad of RAFM infantry in combat armor.

A quick recap on how I painted the model. I primed the model using Gesso. The paint scheme is a base of Tamiya Armor Yellow applied with a brush. Over that is a pattern of Vallejo Olive Grey. Again it's brushed on to the model. Tracks and running gear/lower hull were painted black, then lower hull and running gear were painted with the Armor Yellow. A Dark brown was applied over tracks and running gear to get that dirty/dusty effect.

Same pose for the figures shot from closer to the table surface. You get a better sense of the height of the vehicle compared to the based figures. I applied several coats of black wash to the model to highlight the panel lines and make some of the surface features 'pop'. Afterwards, I dry brushed the whole model using alight gray (one of the many from Vallejo paints).

In this side profile below you get a sense of how the black wash pops out the panel lines and the raised detail like the rear firing ports.Apparently I need to go back and touch up the tracks and road wheels - you can see flashes of primer along the third and sixth road wheel.

The quarter aspect shot below shows the effect of the black wash on the recessed lines as well as the effect the light gray dry brushing has on highlighting the angles and corners - especially on the track skirts and body edges.Also visible are the red tips of the anti-armor missiles on the left side of the turret.

Right profile shot again shows off the effects of the black wash on the panel lines and the intake/exhaust port on the body.

From the looks of this one, I need to go back and touch up the end of the barrel. The mold line is visible.

Another quarter aspect showing off the right side of the IFV. I am generally pleased with the cumulative effect of the black wash, the dry brushing of the highlights and the dry brushing of the weathering. The net effect dulls down the finish on the olive gray and the armor yellow, provided a nice 'used' look to the model.

Part 2 - The Paladins....

The Paladin (ex-Khurusan Corsair battle suits) are ready for their dull coat. If the weather holds, I'll apply it today. Here are the four 'mechs lined up for inspection.

Same poses from a slightly different angle.

One of the mech's adjacent to the Halberd IFV seen above.

One of the ex-Khurusan Corsair suits posed next to a RAFM 15mm mid-tech infantryman. 
This picture shows the camouflage pattern as well as the effects of both the black wash and dry brushing the highlights in light gray. The searchlight was painted using "school bus yellow" with a finishing was of sunflower yellow - both from the craft paint rack (Michael's or Hobby Lobby). I particularly like how the dry brush highlights emphasize the detail on the 'gun' as well as the armor.

For comparison, here is a picture showing the model before the detailing of the lights and vision port as well as the black wash and highlighting/weathering.


 This image below shows two things - mostly that I need to go back and touch up the fine details around the searchlight and vision port! Hopefully, you get a sense of how the light gray dry brushing accents the model.

I suppose  I should go back and paint in the muzzle of the rocket launcher.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Tawantinsuyu Confederation Armored walkers

Wanted to share some "work in progress" pictures with you.regarding the miniatures that form the core of the
Tawantinsuyu Confederation's fighting forces.

The way the background fluff is shaking out, the armored forces for the Tawantinsuyu Confederation consist of several different types of single crew combat walkers. To represent these, I'm using Mongoose Publishing Exo-suits for the heavy units (The "Gadling" and "Sabaton") and Khurusan Miniatures "Corsair" battlesuits as the lighter 'recon' units. 

In addition, the much maligned infantry arm finally have some paint on their ride - a Rebel Miniatures Earth Defence Force APC . Heavily armed with a combination of high velocity cannon and banks of hyper velocity ATGM, the APC is the core of the Tawantinsuyu Confederation's infantry units. 

Enough talk, G us some pictures! 

Okay, okay.

First up is the Paladin light recon mech. Falling on the 'light' end of the armored vehicle scale, this is the smallest mech in the Tawantinsuyu Confederation's arsenal. This particular model wields the light autocannon as a primary weapon. I still need to detail the kit, but you get the general idea.

As an alternative to the autocannon, the Paladin may be equipped with a large ATGM launcher. Perfect for ambushing enemy armor or striking at high value targets.  

The Paladin's will often work with the heavy 'mech's in the army. In the case a "Gadling" class heavy walker armed with ATGM launchers appears with a platoon of Paladin's. A single infantry figure appears in the front center to provide scale.

The infantry figure is a RAFM 15mm armored infantry figure wearing "battledress" (individual infantry power armor). This figure if often used as the standard for battledress in my Fifth Frontier War games. On either flank is a Paladin (ex-Khurusan Corsair) showing the two primary weapons options. In the center rear, the "Gadling" (former Starship Troopers Grizzly) shows off its prominent shoulder mounted missile launchers.

The Tawantinsuyu Confederation military is not all about giant stompy combat mechs. The infantry fields a conventional tracked Infantry Fighting Vehicle for its troops. Heavily armored and loaded for bear, the Halberd IFV moves the infantry into action and gives them serious organic firepower when the elite combat walkers can't be found. 

In the above picture, the Halberd IFV is supported by two Paladin combat walkers, while a lone trooper keeps watch for enemy forces.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Progress on the painting front!

I've made process this labor day weekend painting miniatures!

The Vargr and slowly getting painted - I've found a color scheme I like for the RAFM puppies and I'm working up a proper scheme for the armored troopers.

If the weather cooperates tomorrow, I'll prime the Khurusan heavy grav tank and the Corsair battlesuits.

On a related note, I found a box of MongooseStarship Trooper  Exo-suits - three Grizzlies and three Cougars that I must have purchased in the past couple of years. Added to the six models I already have, the
Tawantinsuyu Confederation has enough combat walkers (4 light, 12 mediums) to field a respectable company size armored force.  So they are about done - just need to finalize their infantry APC and cavalry forces. 

The Orinoco League forces are about ready - the four ex-Maus "Gigantic" Tanks are good to go! The RAFM "Imp" APC are done. I've got loads of infantry in combat armor with ACR/Gauss rifles using RAM GL as support weapons. 

The most neglected groups are the Chitral League and the Mobile Corps forces. Both could use the same vehicles and organizations. I might slot the CMG Bastion and Havoc vehicles into these slots as I like their designs. Though Khurusan also has some strong contenders.