Saturday, September 22, 2012

Tawantinsuyu Confederation Armored walkers

Wanted to share some "work in progress" pictures with you.regarding the miniatures that form the core of the
Tawantinsuyu Confederation's fighting forces.

The way the background fluff is shaking out, the armored forces for the Tawantinsuyu Confederation consist of several different types of single crew combat walkers. To represent these, I'm using Mongoose Publishing Exo-suits for the heavy units (The "Gadling" and "Sabaton") and Khurusan Miniatures "Corsair" battlesuits as the lighter 'recon' units. 

In addition, the much maligned infantry arm finally have some paint on their ride - a Rebel Miniatures Earth Defence Force APC . Heavily armed with a combination of high velocity cannon and banks of hyper velocity ATGM, the APC is the core of the Tawantinsuyu Confederation's infantry units. 

Enough talk, G us some pictures! 

Okay, okay.

First up is the Paladin light recon mech. Falling on the 'light' end of the armored vehicle scale, this is the smallest mech in the Tawantinsuyu Confederation's arsenal. This particular model wields the light autocannon as a primary weapon. I still need to detail the kit, but you get the general idea.

As an alternative to the autocannon, the Paladin may be equipped with a large ATGM launcher. Perfect for ambushing enemy armor or striking at high value targets.  

The Paladin's will often work with the heavy 'mech's in the army. In the case a "Gadling" class heavy walker armed with ATGM launchers appears with a platoon of Paladin's. A single infantry figure appears in the front center to provide scale.

The infantry figure is a RAFM 15mm armored infantry figure wearing "battledress" (individual infantry power armor). This figure if often used as the standard for battledress in my Fifth Frontier War games. On either flank is a Paladin (ex-Khurusan Corsair) showing the two primary weapons options. In the center rear, the "Gadling" (former Starship Troopers Grizzly) shows off its prominent shoulder mounted missile launchers.

The Tawantinsuyu Confederation military is not all about giant stompy combat mechs. The infantry fields a conventional tracked Infantry Fighting Vehicle for its troops. Heavily armored and loaded for bear, the Halberd IFV moves the infantry into action and gives them serious organic firepower when the elite combat walkers can't be found. 

In the above picture, the Halberd IFV is supported by two Paladin combat walkers, while a lone trooper keeps watch for enemy forces.

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