Sunday, September 2, 2012

Progress on the painting front!

I've made process this labor day weekend painting miniatures!

The Vargr and slowly getting painted - I've found a color scheme I like for the RAFM puppies and I'm working up a proper scheme for the armored troopers.

If the weather cooperates tomorrow, I'll prime the Khurusan heavy grav tank and the Corsair battlesuits.

On a related note, I found a box of MongooseStarship Trooper  Exo-suits - three Grizzlies and three Cougars that I must have purchased in the past couple of years. Added to the six models I already have, the
Tawantinsuyu Confederation has enough combat walkers (4 light, 12 mediums) to field a respectable company size armored force.  So they are about done - just need to finalize their infantry APC and cavalry forces. 

The Orinoco League forces are about ready - the four ex-Maus "Gigantic" Tanks are good to go! The RAFM "Imp" APC are done. I've got loads of infantry in combat armor with ACR/Gauss rifles using RAM GL as support weapons. 

The most neglected groups are the Chitral League and the Mobile Corps forces. Both could use the same vehicles and organizations. I might slot the CMG Bastion and Havoc vehicles into these slots as I like their designs. Though Khurusan also has some strong contenders.

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