Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer, Girls and...Panzer?

Ah summer, time for diversions and relaxation. So if you are casting about for somthing to do this summer, allow me to recommend you spend a little time exploring the weird, funny world of Girls und Panzer. You'll find clips of the various 12 episodes scattered across Youtube and even the entire series on Anime Season or Crunchyroll. Its one of those things for which no explanation will suffice to convey what's going on. Let's just say its clearly science fiction with a fair amount of geek pride when it comes to WWII tanks, military history, gaming and movies.

Pzkw IV (in early war panzer gray)  battling Matilda II (in Western Desert tan)  in a street fight?

With Crunchyroll  you have to put up with advertising and edits of some of the funnier musical (musical?) moments.  Anime Season  has some odd - but comical - subtitle translation issues (as in gratuitous use of German instead of English) but the shows seem to be intact.

I could point you to the Wikipedia page, but its almost better if you watch it cold. But it you need a hook, I'll just share this flaky little video with you.