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Anglo-Sikh Wars
What follows is a listing of various books and articles that I found helpful when putting together my Sikh War games.

Hugh Cook; The Sikh Wars 1845-6 1848-9; Leo Cooper, London, 1975.  This was the book that made me think I could recreate the battles of this war. It is also the most difficult of the reference works to find as it is out of print. Your best bet is the local university library. Cook’s work is a massive compilation providing the best detail on all the battles of the Anglo-Sikh wars. Lacking are good maps and a comprehensive order of battle.

Donald Featherstone; Victorian Colonial Warfare - India; Blandford, London, 1992. The second best reference available today, Featherstone’s book has the advantage of still being in print. Decent maps and a British order of battle provide an excellent resource.

Byron Farwell. Queen Victoria’s Little Wars. Good chapter on the Anglo-Sikh wars.

Byron Farwell. Eminent Victorian Soldiers. Good biography of several of the British commanders from the Anglo-Sikh wars.

Queen Victoria’s Enemies – India; Osprey, London. Basic introductory book to British opponents in India. Good coverage of Sikhs, though focus is on Mutiny and NW Frontier.

British Army on Campaign; Osprey, London. Basic introductory book to the British Army overseas. Good painting tips for some units. Buy it for the color plates and uniform tips.

The Sikh Wars; The Courier, volume VIII, number 4. An excellent overview of the Anglo-Sikh wars and written specifically for wargaming. Good descriptions of the British and Sikh Armies as well as uniform painting tips

Preziosi, Andrew. The First Sikh War, 1845-1846, Order of Battle Book Khyber Pass Games and Books, 2004.One of the most accessible guides to the organization of the armies on each side of the conflict.

Singh, Amarpal. Amberley Publishing, London. 2016. The Second Anglo-Sikh War. An excellent view of the war from a Sikh historian. 

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