Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Imperial Marine Platoon TO&E

Marine Platoon
Platoon Headquarters, with;
            Support APC (Heavy Fusion Gun - Fire Support APC)
            Platoon Leader (Lt) with FGMP-14
            Assistant Platoon Leader (NCO) with FGMP-14
Five squads, each with;
            Marine APC
            Squad leader, with FGMP-14
            2, four man fire teams, each with;
                        Team leader, with FGMP-14
                        Marine, with FGMP-14
                        Marine, with FGMP-14
                        Marine, with FGMP-14
Note 1. All marines equipped with battledress and FGMP-14–even vehicle crew. Medical personnel are equipped with battledress and specialized battlefield trauma equipment.
Note 2. The Marine APC is detailed in section F-6.5 Vehicles.


  1. Looks good. How it does it play? Have you had a chance to field test these guys yet?

  2. Very correct!

    Given the firepower you're making the FGMP have, and the fact they're battledress, I wonder if you be a bit non-canonical and say the squad breaks down into three fireteams of three pers. each?

  3. LL - We have played a couple of games with the Marines. *Absolutely deadly.* Anything that's too tough for the FGMP gets to eat 0.1kt tactical nukes.

    Just realized that in the old Citadel org chart the squad leader has a laser rifle to use as a target designator.

    Dylan - you are correct - there is a ridiculous amount of firepower in the squad or even the fire team. We've talked about breaking the fire team down into binoms, but we've not playtested that at all.