Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pulling out the big guns!

 Here are the general rules for Meson guns. Yeah, I know - "Too much club". In our first game, an Imperial Marine meson strike ended the game (taking out the last intact fire teams, plus the squad leaders and platoon leaders). Sadly, the meson gun is one of the clubs in the Marines bag, so I feel compelled to include it.  They don't always show up, but when they do...boom.

The lesson - don't bunch up...and meson guns can really ruin your whole day.

Meson Guns
King of the battlefield, the meson gun fires a beam of meson particles calibrated to decay at the target zone, releasing massive amounts of radiation into the target.

Meson guns are lethal. If a meson strike is successfully called in the results are as follows;
  • All personnel in the blast area are killed. There are no casualty checks.
  • All vehicles in the blast area are destroyed. There are no casualty checks.
  • All buildings and structures are automatically reduced to rubble.
  • Smooth ground becomes broken
  • Field Artillery meson strikes have a 6” radius from the target point.
  • Orbital (spinal) meson strikes will have a larger impact zone corresponding to the size of the meson weapon being used.

Meson screens

The only defense to a meson gun is a meson shield. Meson shields are either fixed defenses (part of a city’s or fortresses’ permanent defenses) or smaller mobile defenses attached to battalion or brigade headquarters units. In some cases, a meson screen unit may appear in a tabletop game.


  1. I had forgotten how nasty these are. When the Marines come calling, they do NOT mess around.

  2. I wonder if 6" radius is not a little big for a battlefield meson accelerator. Have you thought of using six inch *diameter*? At least for game balance purposes.

  3. Dylan,

    I have thought about it. I was thinking about it last night when I posted this. I'm still thinking about it.

    I'm still on the fence - I agree with you that a 6" radius is a lot of area in the beaten zone. I want to say its based on Striker data, but I will be going back and revisiting that decision.

    You think this is bad, wait, 'til you see the rules for nukes.