Thursday, February 16, 2012

Zhodani Colonial troops

 Here is an organization inspired by an article in the old Journal of the Traveller's Aid Society (JTAS).

Querion Garrison Battalion
(TL1) Fielded by a relatively low technology world, these troops are used exclusively as garrison troops (Source: JTAS #9)
Battalion Headquarters, with;
Headquarters Company, with;
            Battalion Headquarters
                        1  Colonel
                        1 Major (XO)
                        1 Senior NCO
                        4 Staff Officers
                        8 enlisted staff
Military Government / Administration Platoon
                        40 men total (Y)

Military Police Platoon
                        Platoon headquarters
                                    1 Lt.  (Y)
                                    1 NCO (Y)
                                    2 Interrogators (Y)

                        3 Squads, each with;
                                    1 squad leader
                                    1 assistant squad leader
                                    5 police teams;
Team leader (Y)
Military Police

2 Infantry Companies each, with
            Company Headquarters, with;
                        1 Captain (CO)
                        1 LT (XO)
                        1 NCO
                        1 Comm Operator
            Weapons platoon, with;
                        3 Heavy Support machinegun
                        3 light mortars
                        3 Air Defense team with Light SAM
3 Infantry platoons, each with;
            Platoon Headquarters, with;
Wheeled Armored Personnel Carrier
Platoon Leader
Platoon NCO
Comms Operator
            3 Rifle squads, each with;
                        Squad Leader (Laser Rifle)
                        2 team leaders
                        6 Riflemen
                        2 Light Support Gunners

Lift Cavalry Platoon, with;
            2 Grav Tanks (laser and slug thrower)
            2 Grav APC

Transport Squad, with;
            5 unarmed G Carriers

            Artillery Company, with;
                        Company Headquarters

                        2 Batteries, each with;
                                    3 Self-propelled MRL

            Engineering platoon, with
                        Platoon Leader
                        Platoon NCO
            3 Engineer squads, with
                        1 Squad Leader
                        10 Engineers    

Notes: The symbol (Y) is used to designate units with telepathic capabilities.

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  1. Ah, 'Soft Bunk'. I've decimated this Zhodani battalion with my merc unit once upon a time....