Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Coming attractions and musings

Cincy con is a few weeks out (March 4-5, 2012). we'll be hosting a small scenario that pits some Imperial Marines against a force of Zhodani troops. Set on Regina, it gives a a good overview of the interactions of the rules, and weapons that give the game the feel of  Traveller. If you make it, stop by and say and hi - if I'm not hosting a game, I'd be happy to talk Traveller with you!

The past couple of weeks have seen the the basics of the rules modifications and some unit organizations posted. With that done, I'm left wondering what you want to see? More pictures? More organizations? Scenarios and AAR?

Any thoughts?


  1. Good luck with Cincycon, wish I was in the same hemisphere and could go.

    I like what you've posted so far, I'm looking at Zhodani OrBats and the only source material I have is an old JTAS. You seem to have increased the number of support weapons, and moved to fire teams where back in the day, the squad seemed to be the smallest unit. Is this an attempt to update the, essentially, 1970's organisation?

    Would love to see more pics, more organisations (Swordies and Vargr for Frontier War 5 spring to mind).


  2. David,

    Thanks for the feedback! JTAS is indeed pretty much the primary source material on Zhodani TO&E.

    Our Zhodani organizations are defintely an attempt to update the 1960's-70's style OrBat with something a.) more modern and b.) in keeping with the spirit of Tomorrow's War. If you took the JTAS material and port it into Striker, you'd end up with something similar.

    Didn't think I'd added more support weapons. The JTAS material lists 1 'support weapon' per squad (generally the PGMP-13 or FGMP-14). So you have 1 fire team with support weapon and the other with just rifles and rifle grenades.

    We have some Vargr organizations (as much as the Vargr can be said to be organized) and more stuff for the Zhodani and Imperials that need to be worked up.

    Thanks again!