Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Vehicles for the Vargr

The Vargr have had this sort of 'ramshackle' vibe to me for years. Call it the physicality of their chaotic social structures, but they've always struck me as being a little 'off' in their design philosophy. I've tried to capture this with the vehicles to flesh out my TL 10-13 Vargr forces.

I found the Laserburn line to be a good source of vehicles. Here are some shots of their grav APC. These things are true battle taxi and not IFV. They seemed a little undergunned, so I bored out the 'firing ports' on the sides and added barrels made from brass rod.

This particular model has been knocking around my parts box since the mid-1980's. You can get additional models from http://www.15mm.co.uk/Laserburn_15mm_Sci-fi.htm but the new castings look a bit worn. Fortunately, this adds to the ramshackle look I was going for, so its actually a win for me! 

A nice side view, with one of the Rafm 'not-Vargr' (but they really are!) placed adjacent for size comparison.

This is the Laserburn 'air/raft' or grav sled, air jeep....or whatever. A general purpose utility truck that looks like the misbegotten offspring of a Grav truck and a Bren carrier. Mounts a PGMP-12/13 on the passengers side for self-defense. Its brand new and I already scuffed the paint job! 


Okay, here's the oddball entry. Back in the 80's I picked up three resin cast 15mm grav tanks with metal barrels. I don't know the manufacturer, but I think I bought them from Chris Von Fahnestock (sorry if I butchered the name Chris!) at a game convention in Cincinnati. I've never seen more of them and have no idea who made them. But these orphans have found a home as the TL12-13 tank platoon for my Vargr (serving as either elements of the 105th Armored Cavalry Corps or the 101st Mechanized Army.)


     Here is another shot alongside a GZG heavy grav tank for scale comparison.

     The green paint job is boring, but I wanted a classic military color pattern that ties the various vehicles together into a cohesive force.

Now I just need to work out the uniform for the infantry figures!


  1. Vargr uniforms would be a mix of camo and bright, primary coloured items like scarves and caps, wouldn't they?

  2. Nice. I purchased some of the old laserburn vehicles recently. Some of them were a little worn out, with flash everywhere. On the other hand, the two seater civilian hover cars were fairly crisp and clean. I suspect they've had new masters made up for some of the more popular vehicles. Just a guess though.

  3. Kobold,

    yeah, but the miniatures don't have caps or scarves. Its just the uniform with flak jacket. Okay the NCO appear to have a modified uniform that might be amenable to such a paint scheme - thanks for the ideas!

    Lead Legion - you are correct! I picked up two of the cars as well. Have not painted them yet, but they are as crisp and clean as anything else you will find on the market. If you are looking for a 'grav kubelwagen' these fill that role nicely.