Sunday, January 1, 2012

Planting the banner!

Greetings! These pages support our additional to tabletop gaming with miniature figures. Specifically, Skill Level 0 supports gaming the battles of the Fifth Frontier War using the Tomorrow's War tabletop gaming rules.
We've formalized our rantings in a document titled "The Stars Afire". Its a collection of rules modifications, troop organizations and scenarios that support our gaming.

The Third Imperium - The Empire of Man. 11,000 worlds under the Emperor. State of the art technolgy
 The Zhodani Consulate - Just as big and ruled by a humanoid telepaths. Almost as hi-tech as the Imperium.

The Swords Worlds - a minor ally of the Zhodani Consulate. Average interstellar technology.
The Vargr - "Freebooting wolves of space". More minor allies of the Zhodani. Any alien race evolved from canines.

Derived from the background setting for the Traveller role-playing game, the supporting board game Fifth Frontier War, and the old GDW miniatures rules Striker.

All aspects are welcome. The current focus is on 15mm gaming, but that is open to interpretation.

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