Monday, January 30, 2012

Traveller tech level conversion

Traveller tech level conversion

While classic Traveller had roughly 16 common tech levels, Tomorrow’s War© has only 3. For the Fifth Frontier War, these Tech Levels roughly equate as follows;

Tomorrow’s War tech level
Traveller tech level
Tech Level 3
TL 14-16
Tech Level 2
TL 9-13
Tech Level 1
TL < 9

This is a rough guide. Feel free to modify this to meet your specific scenario setting.

Example # 1:
A platoon of TL 14 Zhodani jump troops are engaging a TL 6 infantry company. For Tomorrow’s War, we model this as a TL 3 force versus a TL 1 force.

A platoon of TL 9 Zhodani colonial infantry is engaging a platoon of TL 9 Imperial defense forces. We model this as a TL 2 versus TL 2 force.

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