Monday, January 9, 2012

Grab your brushes and start painting...

....cause there is a lot to do!

Almost have the three Rafm "Imp" 6x6 APC painted. Next step is to stat them up for The Stars Afire. At the same time, I've just about finished the three Laserburn APC, 3 'mystery' medium tanks and 1 air raft for the Vargr TL 13 Infantry. I means I still have to paint 30+ Vargr, but I think we can make that happen.

I've got the GZG models assembled and have started painting. The Imperials are in a nice hi-tech shade of grey, whislt the Zhodani are sporting a stunning Tamiya Desert Yellow.

We'll be submitting games for CincyCon in the next week or two. This will be the first public games using all "The Stars Afire" rules modifications to Tomorrow's War. Should be fun!

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