Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Its so...alien

Low gravity, high atmospheric density planets make for some interesting battlefields. The low gravity really increases movement rates and the dense atmosphere renders energy weapons less deadly and penetration drops off at longer ranges.

On a related note, Critical Mass Games does a nice line of bipedal canines in power armor. Yup! Proxies for Vargr in Battledress and combat armor. Arrooooooo!

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  1. For low Gravity GZG do some vac suited models, some with weapons and others floating around so you can pin them in a zero-g position. Certainly makes for interesting game. I had a plan to magnetise a large sheet of metal and mount it on a table at 30 degrees. Then model on a side of a large space ship where vac suited troops would bounce around and engage around the various sensor blisters on the surface of the space ship. Bit of a pipe dream but I might get there one day... So many projects to finish!