Sunday, March 4, 2012

Back from Cincycon, and my first opportunity to present a game of Tomorrow's War / The Stars Afire in a public setting!

We had four players take part in the "Rearguard on Regina" scenario. A Zhodani combat team of Jump troops, Mechanized Lift Infantry and grav tanks were tasked with intercepting an Imperial destroyer escort preparing to evacuate the planet. (Intel suggests a 'person of importance' was being evacuated and the Consular Navy wants to capture that person).

Standing between the Joes and the ship was a platoon of the 2113rd Imperial Marine Regiment - two squads of infantry and an Intrepid grav tank.

A fun-filled exciting game that was down to the last turn. Plasma and fusion guns inflicted heavy casualties and some superb die rolls by the Marine player rained down meson fire across the battlefield.

I'll get a more comprehensive after action report put together when I get the pictures edited.


  1. Looking forward to the batrep!

    Marines - Intrepid - Regina? (The original colour text for the Trepida in MegaTrav said the Trepida didn't enter service until 1109, well after the initial assaults of the 5FW).

  2. Drat.

    I did not know that. So what do the Marines use for grav tanks prior to the Trepida?

  3. Imperial Heavy Grav tank - just like everybody else. Trepida was a creation of DGP for MegaTrav, it never existed in Classic Traveller canon.

  4. Well, easy enough to fix! I was using the GZG Advanced tech Grav tank as a proxy anyway.


  5. Yeah, GZG Grav Tank looks more like Imperial Heavy Grav Tank (as illustrated in RCVG) than it does Trepida anyway.

  6. Now if I can just convince Darryl to paint the old Martian Metals Heavy Grav Tanks he's got sitting around, we'll be in business!