Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tomorrow's War...today.

Seems that those 'sci-fi' point defense systems are popping up on today's battlefield.  No longer the stuff of Striker games, actual point defense systems are entering service to protect high value battlefield targets.

Both the Israeli Iron Dome system or the United States Centurion CIWS system are being used in combat today. If our games tell us anything, its that these first generation systems will pave the way for the evolution of artillery systems to multiple rocket launchers firing salvoes of rockets to saturate and overload these point defense systems.

Have you used point defense in your games? Was it a game changer?

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  1. Using it right now in a Striker2 game - a Scout/Courier is using its TL15 PD fire control to engage incoming TL6 106mm artillery fire with its xray lasers. Very handy!