Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sad news today, Greg Novak has passed away

For those of you that played a number of GDW games or were involved in historical miniatures, some bad news today. Greg Novak has passed away.

I had the privilege of working for Greg on the old Command Post Quarterly. He was always encouraging and always had advice on improving my work. In hindsight, he helped me hone the skills that allowed me to succeed in life.

I had several opportunities to game with Greg mostly at various HMGS conventions. Greg always had fun, educational games that taught you history and tactics. I remember his Corrigidor ’42 game at Historicon back in the 90′s as a fun, obscure battle.

Though many of us knew him as a gamer, Greg was a tireless educator and advocate for education working as a teacher, a union representative or most recently as a school board member. Greg lived up to the notion of “pay it forward”. His was a stellar example of how to live a rich and rewarding life..
Right now I have a stack of Greg’s work sitting on the desk next to me. Volley and Bayonet, CPQ and a Great Plains War scenario from an old Courier.

I’ll miss Greg as a friend and a writer. May he rest in peace.

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  1. Damn. I'm very sorry to hear that. GDW produced some great material in it's day. Greg was the brains behind much of it. Too many of the big names in Gaming have passed on these last few years.