Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Feri campaign - VTOL

If you've been following the details on the Feri campaign, this is a low gravity-high atmospheric density world. In other words - its a VTOL paradise! The national armies incorporate a number of ducted fan and turbine driven VTOL designs in their organizations. I've recently finished painting two of the and assembling a third.

First up is a Rebel Miniatures Saber class drop ship.Painted up in a flat dark green. For our purposes this little VTOL plays the role of the UV-998 transport. Often referred to as a 'slick' it mounts no weapons.

Here's a nice overhead shot showing the boring green paint jon with gray highlights.

The matte finish (Testor's Dullcote) may have produced the dreaded "frosting" effect. I'll have to keep an eye on it and maybe apply gloss coat as a corrective measure.

Above we have the Saber drop ship sitting on the table, while the Saber gunship cruises past. Its the same basic airframe with a swap out for the missile frame or the troop tranport pod. 

This is a great sized kit for gaming. Big enough to have lots of detail, but small enough to fit comfortably on the game table.

The Khurusan Doe

The other item of progress this week was assembly of the "Doe" VTOL gunship from Khurusan
Take a look at this monster! 

Clearly inspired by the classic Soviet Mi-24 Hind attack helicopter, the beast is absolutely gorgeous! Big thrust nozzles on each boom and stubby wings laden with Anti-tank missiles and rocket pods. The only thing missing are speakers blaring Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyrie". 

Question: Is this thing as big as it looks?

Answer: Ahh-firmative! Take a look at these pictures...

Here we have to of the RAFM 'mid-tech' infantry in combat armor right up against the fuselage of the Doe.
The grid on the table? It's in inches! 

Just like a Hind, the Doe towers over other aircraft. In this case the Rebel Miniatures Saber drop ship. Its not too surprising. Everything I have purchased from Khurusan is BIG and Rebel's kit trends on the smaller side. But it gives the Doe an intimidating presence on the tabletop.

Missing from the model is the chin turret that is not yet installed. You can build the Doe either as pictured, or with the landing gear retracted. The anti-armor missile tubes are a fixed part of the wings, but the missile pods can be omitted as desired.

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