Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Idea on testing a paint scheme

So I'm staring at this Khurusan Miniatures Doe gunship and trying to think of a cool paint scheme for it. Overall green- nah, been there, done that. Gray with green I wanted to try something bold.

And its not the first time this has happened. I want to do something really different, but the little voice in my head says "Did I leave the iron on?", No wait - not that voice! This voice says "Its gonna look Stupid with a capital S".  So how to check how it will look without actually painting it? I tried using a strip of styrene for something like a color chip, but that didn't give me the feel of how it looks on a miniature.

Then it hit me. Actually it was quite literally staring me in the face. I'd bought a Matchbox car thinking I could re-purpose it for my games. It doesn't quite blend with the look of the other kit, but hey - I could paint it using the cammo pattern. The good news is that these are relatively cheap to buy and if I hate it, no big deal.

I found an image on the web of an Mi-24 that looked like a good starting point.

So I gave it a whirl. Here's how it turned out....

I was trying to emulate the paint scheme using paints I already had in the house. The car didn't turn out badly, but its not an exact match to the picture of the helos. The green I used was Vallejo Reflective Green. I'm thinking try it again using Olive Grey Green. The blue is way off, but I only had Vallejo Medium Blue handy. Looks like I need something like Prussian Blue or Blue Grey.  The light grey actually works okay. 

 Not bad for a first try. And I really am happy to have tried this on a $2.00 toy car instead of a $12.00 miniature.

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