Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The latest additions - Top Gun Grav Tanks

I took advantage of Top Gun Marketing's recent sale on their 15mm Grav vehicle line. I've been eying these from some time to use as the vehicles for my Tech Level 15 Imperial Army and Marine forces. I ordered enough for a platoon sized combat team - one heavy grav tank, 2 heavy APC and 2 medium grav tanks.

The package arrived in the ubiquitous USPS mailing box.

 The contents were very well packed.

 Pulling out the extra packing material reveals some very well wrapped packets.

Each was well wrapped and taped into a secure, protective envelope.

When I opened it up, I found two vehicle hulls - bottom to bottom.

Opening them up, I had the chassis and the turrets for all the vehicles. The castings were very clean and had minimal air bubbles in the resin. In both cases, the bubbles were on the bottom of the castings. A very quick fix and sand job. Air bubbles in the resin is common with many resin kits I've seen the past few years.

Minor air bubbles in the resin. Its the bottom of the casting.

These are some good looking models! Mine have the active defenses modeled on both chassis and turret.

In addition to the resin hulls, these kits have some metal parts. All the metal parts shipping in 1 packet.

Barrels and ATGM tubes for the tanks and APC. The APC barrels are very thin.

I'll end with a group photo shot showing the Top Gun models mixed in with models from a variety of manufacturers that I've using.

From Left. Back row: Rebel Miniatures Commanche, RAFM Imp, Top Gun APC, Khurusan Caiman, Rebel Mini Earth Force APC, CMG, Bastion APC, Roco/Minitank Marder kitbash. Front row: Khurusan heavy tank, GZG Advanced Grav tank, Top Gun heavy tank, CMG Havoc, Top Gun medium tank, Rebel Mini Thumper, 'mystery tank'

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  1. Nice looking kits. Might have to order some of these for the FUBAR Traveller campaign on my projects list. Need some "Impie" armor- My Adamantium Dogs need something to shoot at ;-)