Friday, October 19, 2012

New toys from Wally World

I stopped by my local Super-Mega Wal-Mart and had a chance to peruse  the toy aisle. I was looking for cheap toy helo's to use as painting experiments, but I actually found some useful gaming fodder.

First up - a 'cheap' toy die cast helicopter.

Not much to look at while it wrapped in its package, eh? Well look at it below.

Here its paired up on its flight stand next to a Rebel Miniatures Sabre gunship. Recognize it? Its a model of the RAH-66 attack helicopter. Sure its in a boring inaccurate green paint job, but there's a lot of potential here for conversion into a serviceable attack bird for the Feri defense forces. Four heavy anti-armor missiles under the wing and two rocket pods on  the outer hardpoints. Plus a 20mm cannon in chin turret. Oh, did we mention that there are also internal weapons bays capable of holding more missiles (Hellfire or Stinger or rocket pods). Yep - we've got a hot new addition to the Feri PDF air cavalry.

But wait, there's MORE!

Found another toy in the same group - a Russian SU-47 Fighter.

Its got a real "Firefox" vibe for those of you old enough to remember. Remove the decals and give it some paint and you have a very serviceable aerospace fighter for either the PDF or the Vargr.

I also found one of the rare Matchbox M-ATV kits that others have pointed out are a near match to the Rebel Miniatures Commanche.

I've stuck a spare cupola gun from another kit (which I thnk was from the Critical Mass Game tank, but might actually be from the Commache. With a coat of paint it will blend right into the Orinoco League's infantry platoon.

Two RAFM Miniatures figures next to the Matchbox truck.

Last up was another Matchbox - basically a newer model of Jeep Commander.

Its a nice truck...but its a little big to use for 15mm. The text on the bottom says its 1:70 scale.

Here's a shot next to a 1:64 scale Chevy Tahoe tarted up for the New Jersey State Police.Not suitable for 15mm...

All is not'll make a fine addition to my S gauge model railroad.

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