Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tanks of the Orinoco League

For my Fifth Frontier War campaign set on Feri, I created a state ruled by a paranoid dictator with a penchant for extreme weapons. Specifically this guy liked really BIG tanks. Call it a Freudian thing if you want, but it was more inspired by the fallout from the recent Libyan revolution that revealed the stockpiles of big weapons systems that looked good on parade, but didn't see much action.

Having postulated the existence of these gigantic tanks in the setting. I needed a model to represent them on the tabletop. So where do you find a really big tank, that won't break the budget? ask the community over at The Miniatures Page.

While I appreciate the references to using the 15mm P-1000 Ratte, its almost too big. But we found a winner!

I got a great reference to Hobby Link Japan's ridiculous sale ($4.61 each!) of 1/72 scale pre-assembled, painted and weathered MAUS.  These slab sided behemoths are perfect for the look I am striving to achieve.

Here a quick comparison of the kit right 'out of the box' next to some other vehicles.

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