Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rebel Minis Thumper Grav tank

Rebel Minis has a line of 15mm AFV's including grav tanks. While they share a common chassis and turret design, each of the three grav tanks mounts different main armament. The Thumper mounts a short, stubby barrel suitable for an energy weapon or laser.

commanderroj over on The Miniatures Page  commented that he had not seen the Rebel Mini tanks painted up and wondered how they compared to other 15mm figures. You asked for it - here it is! A photo review of the Thumper parked next to a variety of vehicles....

# 1 parked next to a 15mm Old Glory  M10 tank destroyer (TL 5 in Traveller terms)

# 2 Parked next to a 15mm Sherman tank (I think its a QRF, but it could be Quality Castings)

# 3 Next to a Ground Zero Games Advanced Heavy Grav Tank

# 4 Compared to the CMG Havoc grav tank

 # 5 compared to a Rebel Minis "Earth Force Tracked IFV"

And lastly, compared to the RAFM "IMP" 6x6 APC



  1. Nice work, Ray. It's not a terribly sexy design, but I'll bet it does the business. It would make a good merc tank.

    Keith F

  2. Keith, I think it makes sense from an invasion standpoint. Like the World War Two M4 Sherman tank it strikes a balance between defense, mobility, firepower and transport volume. You could likely carry two of the Thumper class tanks instead of one of the "heavy" tanks.