Friday, August 3, 2012

Critical Mass Games - fast service

I placed an order with CMG. Got my shipping notification and a week later...BAM figures on my doorstep! Not bad considering they shipped from the UK to here in the heartland of the United States.

These are the first CMG figures I have ever purchased. My initial impression is WOW!  The 15mm Protolene Khanate scout troopers are excellent proxies for Vargr in combat armor. Cleanly cast figures too.

The vehicles are as impressive as the infantry. I ordered the Bastion grav IFV and the Havoc Grav tank. Both these are excellent castings. Very close in size to the GZG Advanced Grav Tank model. The Havoc just screams "Main Battle Tank". I'm loving the single piece cast hulls and the clean castings of the barrels.

If there is a down side, its that my Rebel Miniatures tanks are looking much smaller compared to the CMG and GZG stuff. I see a downgrade to "medium tank/light tank" in their future. (Fortunately, I have a powerful need for light units to fill the cavalry role. 

I'll get some pictures up soon with a more detailed description.


  1. I do like CMG's figures. I haven't seen the new vehicles as yet, but they sound good.

  2. I agree about the rebel minis grav tanks suddenly looking very small. They have become light tanks in my army. Personally I hate how 15mm is turning into 20mm in drag. But, you can't fight the tide.

  3. Critical Mass Games really are great for fast delivery. I live in the UK and have never had to wait more than 3 working days.