Monday, August 6, 2012

Critical Mass Games Grav vehicles

As promised, here are photos of my recently acquired grav vehicles from Critical Mass Games. These models are listed under the Mercenaries line. I order one each of the Havoc grav tank and the Bastion Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV).

Both models are packed in a nice clear plastic clamshell suitable for a wall hook. (If only there was a local hobby shop to carry them, but I digress).

The Havoc is a brilliant piece of kit. A one piece hull, a turret a base and some gun options. The turret has a sprue attached at the rear. (The bulky "T" looking thing.) There are two main gun choices and a pretty hefty remote mount atop the turret.

I am a big fan of the hull on this tank. A nice, single piece resin casting with nice detail and panel lines.

Here's a shot showing the tank next to the GZG Advanced Grav tank. Both are of similar size and have a nice boxy feel to them.

Here is a shot with the turret fitted to the hull. You can see the vision ports for the driver and the smoke dischargers on either side of the turret.

Most of my grav tanks are usually fitted with energy weapons. So I elected to use the flatter 'hi-tech' gun barrel option .

 The Bastion IFV shares the same chassis as the Havoc, but replaces the tank turret with lighter turret mounting a light cannon and a missile launcher. Here is a shot without  the gun fitted. Reminds me of a gravitic BMP in a lot of ways. You get a choice of 'cannon' and can use the light long barreled gun, or a shorter gun similar to the remote mount on the Havoc.

And here is a shot with the weapons fitted to the turret and the IFV sitting on its base.

 Did I mention how much I like these resin bases? They are nicely done and I could easily buy a mess of them to mount all my other grav vehicles. 

 Again using a GZG infantry carrier for comparison, we see the Bastion is similar in size. I think the perspective is off in this picture as the Bastion appears a little larger than it is in reality. One nice thing about these comparisons - both the GZG models and the CMG models share a common hull. The GZG is a little more subtle as the deck gets changed out with the tank, but turret on the Havoc transforms the appearance of the hull.

After assembly, I'm looking at the Bastion thinking "cool a sci-fi Marder!" Then I remembered - I alredy have a sci-fi Marder that I converted from a Minitank 25 years ago. And here they are side by side...

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