Friday, July 20, 2012

Vargr Lift Infantry Company (TL 13)

Vargr Lift Infantry Company (TL 13)
            Company Headquaters, with;
                  1 Company Commander
                  1 Assistant Company Commander
                  1 Company NCO
                  1 Grav Command Post
                        4 crew
                  2 Air raft, with PGMP-12
                        2 drivers
      Headquarters platoon, with;
            Point Defense section
                        1 Point Defense grav AFV
            Air Defense section
                        1 lift SAM launcher AFV
            ECM section
                        1 ECM grav sled (truck)
            Medical section
                        1 lift grav sled ambulance
            Nuclear Damper section
                        1 fire control sled
                        2 projector sleds
      4 Vargr Infantry platoons, each with;
            Platoon Headquarters, with;
                        1 Platoon Leader
                        1 Platoon NCO
                        Security fireteam
                           1 corporal
                           3 riflemen
                        1 Grav APC
            3 squads, each with;
                        1 Squad Leader
                        2 fire teams, each with
                           1 corporal
                           2 riflemen
                           1 Plasma gunner with PGMP-12
                           1 Grav APC
                           1 driver        

Notes on the Lift Infantry Company;
  1. Small Arms: Unless otherwise noted, all infantry are armed with the Gauss Rifles– a TL 3 slugthrower with integrated sights and gyrostabilizers. All Gauss Rifles have ‘shoot through’ 4cm rifle grenades.
  2. Body Armor:  Infantry are equipped with TL 3  basic body armor
  3. Sensors: Unit has TL 3 sensors.
  4. Stealth:  Unit’s vehicles have TL 2 stealth sytems
  5. Vargr Infantry may use the grid. If a grid is present, they are a grid dependent force.


  1. Like this a lot, What figures are you going to use?

  2. Thanks Fred!

    For the Vargr its a mix of figures. I have a number of the 'classic' 15mm Vargr figures. These are currently available from RAFM. Mostly equipped with gauss rifles and flak jackets.

    I am waiting on a very recent order from Critical Mass Games of the "Protolene Khanate" figures. These are more like 'combat armor' or 'battledress' equipped figures.

    When I get the figures, I'll post a review of the various figures.