Saturday, July 14, 2012

More thoughts on Starship Troopers with Tomorrow's War

A quick recap of our beer fueled ramblings regarding SST with TW.

  1. Firepower is king in TW. So the bugs have to be tough to be able to close to close combat ranges. The hard to kill trait will help here (needs to be at least D8 for most bugs)
  2. Most bug ranged weapons are variations on the flamethrower.
  3. Exosuits and M1A* series power armor are treated as PA in Tomorrow's War.
  4. The bog-standard Morita assault rifle is the basic rifle in the game (1 firepower die)
  5. Marauders (Apes, Chickenhawks, etc) are closer to walkers in TW. Treat them as vehicles.
  6. Big bugs (SST size 3+) should also be treated as vehicles;
    • Tanker bugs are obviously armored vehicles
    • Plasma bugs are lightly armored vehicles
    • Brain bugs are vehicles, but they are softskins (The rear area CP/TOC)
    • Overseer bugs are brains, but are treated as armored vechiles (The command AFV) 
  7. Air support
    • TBD, but no reason the core rules won't work.
  8. Hopper and Rippler bugs
    • TBD. Have to play around with these ratings
  9.  Tunnelling
    • TBD. Here's a few thoughts,
      • Use the Ambush rules as written
      • Use the tunneling rules from SST
      • Allow Out of Contact movement for tunneling units (Just thought of this and its got real potential)
That's all for now! 

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