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The Feri Imperial Order of Battle

A quick overview of the Imperial forces involved in the Feri campaign...

The Feri Imperial Order of Battle

Planetary High Command
Baron Siegel, The Imperial Governor General, Baronet Feri: Noble overseeing the affairs of Feri. Baron Seigel acts as the senior representative of the Imperial government on Feri. All local governments are subordinate to Baron Seigel’s commands.

Feri Military Coordination Command (FMCC)
The FMCC is the bureaucratic structure through which Baron Siegel manages military operations on Feri. Similar in function to the role played by the Supreme Headquarters Allied Forces, Europe in NATO. The FMCC serves as the “General Staff” or the “Pentagon” as the planning and administrative structure which implements the Governor-General’s orders.

Mobile Armored Cavalry Corps

  • 2 Armored Lift Cavalry Divisions (1st and 2nd Cavalry)
  • 1 Lift Infantry division (37th Infantry division)
  • 2 MRL Brigade (21st Rocket and 23rd Rocket)
  • 1 Gauss Artillery Brigade (22nd Field Artillery)
  • 1 Aviation Brigade (VTOL/Gunships) (41st Aviation Brigade)

The “Mobile Force” is the element of Feri’s army that has been “Imperialized” for the duration of the war. These troops are under direct command of the Imperial Army and have the logistical tail to support being deployed off world. Drawn from the troops of all three nations on Feri and equipped to TL 11 standards with anti-grav vehicles and VTOL gunships.(Edit: The advanced rules in Striker indicate that aircraft may not be used away from their specific intended world of use.So...the Mobile Force would not use VTOL, but would stick with anti-grav vehicles.)

National Armies/Planetary Defense Forces

Feri Military Cooperation Organization (PDF HQ)

900 “Planetary Defense Battalions*”, rough breakdown;
150 ‘armored’ battalions (tank, infantry and cavalry)
300 infantry battalions
200 Artillery battalions
100 Aviation Squadrons (Aerospace Defense Command Forces)
            - Fighters
            - Ground attack aircraft
            - Transports
            - Air Defense batteries (s    urface to air missiles and assorted guns)

* A Planetary Defense Battalion is an Imperial measurement of combat strength, The basic unit of measure is the infantry battalion.

All military units issue night vision equipment as part of the individual soldier’s kit. All vehicles are likewise equipped with night vision equipment (typically thermal imagers and light intensification equipment.

The Feri PDF shuns lasers and energy weapons due to the extreme attenuating effects of the dense atmosphere. Plasma and fusion guns are just beyond their ability to produce. There was an over-reliance on rocket and missile systems, but advances in point defense technology have brought the return of the big gun back to the forefront. Hyper velocity guns, missiles and rockets rules the battlefield.

There are three national armies  representing the Tawantinsuyu Confederation, the Orinoco League and the Chitral Republic. The low gravity and high atmospheric pressure combine to allow effective use of military equipment that would have been superceded by gravitics on a more ‘normal’ planet, as well as some hardware that just would not work on a ‘normal’ world.

Tawantinsuyu Confederation
The Tawantinsuyu Confederation is a Feudal Technocracy that still heavily embraces their feudal heritage. Many units are professional standing troops, but the approach to warfighting is colored by their cultural baggage. Infantry units are viewed as ‘levies’ fit only for the yeoman of the country. The ruling elites and their associated warrior class strive to serve in units that embrace their belief in the supremacy of the knight. As a result the Tawantinsuyu Confederation military leans heavily toward hardware that allows an emphasis on individual combat. Instead of tanks, the single man combat walker is the predominate element of the armor force. Heavily armored gunships (helicopters and ducted fan engines) form the backbone of the cavalry forces.  Aerospace fighter pilots are revered as the “Knights of the Stratosphere” 

The Orinoco League
The Orinoco League is ruled by a paranoid dictator, Convinced that both the other states are set to overthrow his nation, he sought refuge in bluster and ‘security theater’. If a tank was good, a really BIG tank was BETTER. As a result the League consists of a number of battle groups built around their Armor Corps – A force of gigantic tanks staffed by a small crew with a state of the art (TL 3) Artificial Intelligence system.

The other supporting arms are present both to hold ground and serve as garrisons and provide population control should the people rise up against his rule. (Did we mention he’s paranoid?) The supporting arms are mostly wheeled vehicles as the majority of the budget is sunk into the Armor Corps.

The Chitral Republic
The Republic hews closest to an typical Imperial type organization. The low gravity keeps tracked and hover vehicles competitive with the new and very expensive gravitic equipment. The Republic consists or a number of TL 11 grav vehicles (Main Battle Tanks and IFV) paired with a potent Cavalry arm equipped with speedy hover craft and Ducted Fan gunships.  The vehicles for the Mobile Force are drawn from the Chitral Republic's industrial base.

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