Saturday, April 9, 2016

Wings of Glory - WWI Air War at the FLGS

We had a spirited day of gaming today at one of our Friendly Local Game Stores - Epic Loot in Centerville, Ohio. Over the course of three games, many planes were shot down, exploded or succesfully bombed their targets.

We started with the a Stakken raid of two bombers on a target in England. While the targets were destroyed or heavily damaged and several RFC fighters were shot down, in the end, both Stakken were eliminated for a narrow victory to the Allies. This was a great scenario and would be a good candidate for a refight as there were lots of events that could give this a much different outcome.
I flew one Stakken. I suffered TWO explosion cards which did me in (on top of additional damage suffered between the two boom cards). I crushed my target dumping both bomb loads directly on the bridge and inflicting maximum damage.
I collided with Bill's Snipe, I took 2 points of damage. I don't know what Bill too for damage. In the end, the swarm of Allied fighters shot me down as I was on the return leg of my mission.

Die Stakken gekommen!

The two forces interpenetrate the lines. A Snipe rams into a Stakken.

Those Stakken are HUGE!

Target destroyed! The Stakken drops the bridge into the river.

The Stakken are turning around as the fighters move in for the kill.

Running for the friendly table edge, the Stakken is brought down by a burst of .303 from a Bristol fighter.

 Game # 2 - Float plane Hell, WWI style!

The W.29, a W.12 and an Albatross W.4 close with the bombers.

The Handly Page bombers lumber along.

The bombers split up. Maybe not the most effective tactic, but it did reduce the amount of fire they took from the German fighters.

A pair of Albatross W.4 Dom's Decals on the left plane. Revirisco decals (from the W.29 decal set) on the right.

Circling around after the first pass.

Blue on Blue collision as a W.4 and the W.29 collide.

Another collision this time between the H-P bomber and the W.29

It's looking bleak for the H-P as the German fighters swarm about.

The Albatross W.4 continues to burn (and will explode at the end of the game). The W.29 cannot close with the bomber.

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