Sunday, April 10, 2016

ACW Naval week 15 status update

Good day and welcome to week  15!

A mixed week. More progress was made on the rigging front and less progress was made on the painting front. Good news is that week 16 is likely to be more of a painting week.

What's done?
Nothing! Absolutely nothing! Despite the plan anticipating the painting on the Miami would be finished this week, that did not happen.

What's in Progress? 
Lots! Good progress was made rigging the models. In fact, CSS McRae joins Miami in the paint queue. The two Lackawanna class sloops will done t his week, assuming that the one with the 'minimalist' rig looks okay.

CSS McRae from Bay Area Yards

McRae again.

Lackawanna with the minimalist rigging. It's easier and likely more durable for the tabletop.

But the Lackawanna with the additional rigging looks so much cooler!

The additional wires are more likely to break off during a game.

What's on deck?

Finishing up the rigging on the Susquehanna and then tackling the Kearsarge and Minnesota. First step is painting the deck guns for both models.

Susquehanna just needs the mizzen mast rigging to move to the paint queue.

Nice quarter angle showing off the amount of steel wire on the model.

The guns required to complete the Kearsarge and Minnesota models. The guns on the stick came with the Throughbred Kearsarge kit, the others are Bay Area Yards guns.

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