Sunday, April 17, 2016

ACW Naval status update - week 16

Week 16?  Seriously?

This plan is seriously working. Much progress was made this week. So much so that the end of the project can be visualized. But enough of that, get to the models!

What's done! 

CSS McRae and USS Miami are done and join, the fleet!

USS Miami

USS Miami quarter view. Fine model from Bay Area Yards.

But, wait, there's more!  USS Lackawanna and her sister are completed as well!

Beam shot of USS Lackawanna

Lackawanna, again.

What's in progress? 

So what's in progress? Basically what is left in the queue - USS Susquehanna, USS Kearsarge and USS Minnesota. Susquehanna is close to complete needing just a little touch up on the paint.

Nice beam view of Susquehanna.

So much wire...

Seriously, that's a lot of wire. Several feet at least.

Overhead view of Susquehanna.


USS Kearsarge.

USS Minnesota with  the early 1862 armament. (Plus the full gun deck under the spar deck.)

10" pivot forward with 8" guns on the spar deck. Guns are mostly from Bay Area Yards, but there are four Thoroughbred guns mixed in on deck.

What's Next? 
Get cracking on finishing this project up! Install the last of the guns, touch up the paint and get busy installing the rigging for Minnesota and Kearsarge!


  1. Looking great, G Dog! Hoping for some naval gaming this year!

  2. Thanks! Yeah naval gaming (pretty much all of the tabletop gaming) is looking like June at the earliest...and that might be Oxley Con. The calendar from the end of April through early June is cluttered with an assortment of stuff that is *not gaming*. Shame as there are many projects I'd like to tackle.