Sunday, March 6, 2016

Starship Troopers: Waiting for the Cavalry

Things will go your way if you hold on for one more day.

The landing boat from the TFN John Chard had set down hard in the clearing. AA fire from a Plasma Bug had crippled the vehicle. It had to be more than bad luck thought, Lt. Shepperd. Did the bugs know that the SICON Intelligence officer was aboard? No matter, after calling Fleet, Shepperd's orders were to hold the landing boat until relived by a combat repair unit from the 7th Cavalry.   Shepperd ordered his platoon Sargeants - Barry and Snyder to unload the troops and set up a preimeter. The extensive stocks of supplies aboard ship meant that at least ammo should not be a problem. The squad leaders were all first rate, and there was a relatively clear fire zone in all directions.

The initial waves of bugs were easily handled. 1st Squad lost their war correspondent and a trooper, but continued to hold the line.

Warrior losses were high, but with "Endless Tide" in effect, the dead returned the next turn.

Lurking behind the woods was the Arachnid Overseer, a sort of 'Battle Brain'.

The skirmishing Warriors masked the approach of the tanker bugs, which tunnel up right at the MI line. The MI are in trouble.

That tanker is about to spit out some nasty acid stuff. The MI are mostly reduced to using grenade launchers to have any hope of injuring the monster.

But hold on - help is on the way!

The elements of the 7th Cavalry have arrived! They start pouring rocket and missile fire into the Overseer bug...

...taking it out! This throws the bugs into disarray for the next turn.

Getting a quick shot in for the newscasts!

While the MI finished off the first tanker, a second emerged from the group and laid down a devastating stream of acid on the MI. But the repair party did their work - the landing boat was repaired! All the survivors piled back into the boat.

Not a moment too soon as a Plasma bug appears in the distance and two swarms of hopper bugs sweep in toward the landing boat.

Firing up the engines, the survivors breath easier knowing they escaped a horrible death.  Back the ship!


  1. Very cool battle. Put a link in my weekly batrep roundup:

  2. Glad you enjoyed it! It's been a number of years since we played Starship Troopers. I'm seeing this becoming a staple on our local convention circuit for the next few years.