Sunday, March 6, 2016

ACW Naval update - week 10

Good day and welcome to week 10!

As predicted in the week 9 update, very little was accomplished this week due to the demands of preparing for Cincycon 2016. However,  very little means something was accomplished. To wit - rigging on several ships is completed or nearly so.

Two ships have their rigging completed - CSS Patrick Henry and the USS Sassacus double ender.

CSS Patrick Henry with the standing rigging installed. A quick coat of black paint and this model is complete!

Slightly different angle of the Patrick Henry

Sassacus class double ender. The masts are from Bay Area Yards, so the rigging does help keep things in place.

In progress
CSS Jamestown / Thomas Jefferson. Need to finish up the rigging. Maybe four more wires and it's done!

Back to the yards
 Following the convention, USS Minnesota took a little damage to the forward standing rigging. It may be an opportunity to redo some of the standing rigging. The model was completed several years ago when the author's skills were not as developed.

USS Minnesota from Bay Area Yards.  The masts and rigging were one of the author's earliest attempts.

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