Sunday, March 6, 2016

Cincycon 2016 is in the books

I'm home and unpacked from Cincycon. okay in fairness, I was home every day as it's just the other side of town. But the con is over for me, which is kinda sad. I could not let fighting a cold all weekend slow down my commitment to hosting the two games I'd submitted. Plus, I got to shop, catch up with friends and squeeze in some game time for me.

General observations
Cincycon runs as a three day convetion over Friday-Saturday and Sunday. I showed up late Friday afternoon to light crowds. I get this - a lot of kids are getting out of school and we adults are wrapping up the work week.  Walking in the door, you were hit with a boisterous fun game of modern skirmish combat hosted by the folks from Miniature Building Authority.

The Falafel house has been car bombed! A block over protesters mug for the CNN camera crew.

A most gorgeous table with lots of great details.

The airfield in the foreground. The ocean is in the background at the far end of the table.

Sadly, I had no time to play this game as I had to get my own game on the table - ACW Naval!

Round out the night, my friend Bob and I ended up playing the Atermis starship combat simulator. A series of linked PC, it creates the environment of the bridge crew working through encounters with hostile ships. What a hoot! It's a great blend of wargame with as much role playing as you want to bring to the table. Felt very much like being on the bridge of a ship in your favorite sci-fi series.

Our captain manages (from L to R) sensors, weapons and helm. I'm sitting at comms with Engineering at right. Main viewer in the right background.

I did get in some time to shop in Sunday. Purchases from three vendors. First up a 'vintage' copy of Wings of War Famous Aces. It was missing one card and I got a great price on the incomplete game. Three more maneuver decks and a forth for which I'll have to make a replacement card. Not bad for $10 bucks!

Miniatures Building Authority got some of my money. This time for restaurant tables and a register counter. If you worked in many restaurants in the 80's these look really familiar.

The three pieces. Another set has two tables and no counter.

The napkin holder and condiments are a nice touch.

Last was a few 28mm modern Afghans. Though to be honest, they look like they could be used from the 1980 invasion through today.

Two RPG's and a LMG on a bipod

REally like the prone sniper figure.

This guy is sure in a hurry to meet Allah!

At left, a Mongoose US Army SAW gunner. At right the Sangin Skirmish MG gunner.

At left a figure from Stan Johansen. On right, Sangin Skirmish figure.
A demo game table shows off the figures. Really well done work here!

Amazing work both on the figures and the terrain.

I ran a Starship Troopers game on Saturday night that was well received. On the table next door was an excellent Robotech RPG Tactics game which was beautifully excecuted.

The odd bits of green are the debris of a destroyed Zentradi warship floating in space.

This really brings back some memories.

Overall, a great show. Already looking forward to next year's event!


  1. Thanks for posting the pix, looks like a great time. I tried to make it down Saturday, but just couldn't make it happen.