Tuesday, January 12, 2016

ACW Naval Week Two status report

It's been a busy week! Even so, progress has been made on the ACW Naval front.

I'm moving along with assembling the USS Pawnee model. This weeks task was to build the masts and get them painted. As you can see - not quite done with painting, but on the way. I want to see how dark the gray paint dries. This may need a lighter shade.

The mast kit from Bay Area Yards. You get a nice selection of spars and sails from which to choose.

The hull of USS Pawnee. I was originally going with a black hull, but the references seem to skew towards overall gray.

Work on the Patrick Henry and the Thomas Jefferson continue. Assembly is complete, so now its time to paint. Using Vallejo Basalt Gray for the hull. I wanted dark gray, but not black for these models. Deck is painted buff and upper wheelhouse in white.

CSS Patrick Henry model by Bay Area Yards.

Another project in the early stages is the Bay Area Yards model of USS Powhatan. This one is on the early stages of assembly. I have the masts, just need to assemble them. I'll to check to gun park to see if there are enough deck guns in stock to complete the model. These big ships eat up a lot of guns and my stockpile of Thoroughbred deck guns is dwindling rapidly.

USS Powhatan hull from Bay Area Yards. You can see the rings for the bow and stern pivots cast to the deck.

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