Sunday, January 3, 2016

ACW Naval 2016 Week 1 status report

A short update of what I've accomplished this week. It feels like slow going, but much of the challenge is tied to the holidays and the marginal weather we've had. I've been focused on assembly and priming to move some of these projects forward.  To help stay motivated, I want to do at least a weekly post this year showing the progress and process of getting the ACW ship models ready for the game table.

CSS Selma after a coat of primer.

CSS Selma acquired her first coat of primer. This is a model from Bay Area Yards. Given that I missed a spot she may require a second coat to hit those hard to reach places.

CSS Selma - the pronounced overhang of the deck made getting the spray paint onto the hull a challenge. This will likely need a second coat of primer before painting begins.
 The real progress was in the assembly of  the CSS Patrick Henry and her near sister CSS Thomas Jefferson (Yorktown). Both models are from Bay Area Yards.These two gunboats saw service with the Confederate James River squadron. Both participated in the Battle of Hampton Roads, and Patrick Henry served to the end of the war.

Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson. Or is that vice versa?

These two kits have been awaiting assembly for a number of years now. There are impressive number of parts. This is one reason why the models have been sitting so long. I just didn't want to tackle all the fiddly bits. But that's over. Using JB Weld, the paddlewheel houses, superstructure and masts have been attached.

Port broadside

Patrick Henry and Selma together.

I'm glad I assembled these models - they really make for a pair of pretty ships. Now to get them painted and rigged so they can be used on the tabletop!

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