Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Manassas prepares to sail...

Earlier in the year I had acquired a 1/600 scale model of the Confederate ironclad ram Manassas from Bay Area Yard. You can read about the assembly of the model here.

View down the bow showing off the covered 32 pounder and the twin funnels. 

For painting, I went with something with a little more interest than the basic black scheme that I've used for years. This time, I'm allowing the sun and salt to do their worst and let the initial coat of black paint fade to a sun-bleached gray. Only the funnels and some of the deck fittings would retain their blacker appearance.

Manassas in profile. The gray hull contrasts with the muddy brown Mississippi and the burnt black of the funnels. 

An overhead view. Debating if the hatch covers should be painted or reflect a more subdued appearance. 

Once the gloss coat dries, I'll hit it with a Matt coat and then brush on some gloss coat to return the water to a wetter finish. Then it will be time to get this model on the table and let the Yankee's feel the wrath of this fully operational ironclad! 


  1. Very nice. And two stacks, how scandalous! ;)

  2. Thanks for reading!

    Two stacks - regardless of the debate it may generate - was a choice as the collection already has the single stack model from Thoroughbred. Creating the two stack version was a nice way to create a unique model using the Bay Area Yard kit.

    I am happy with the way it turned out. If I recall correctly the Thoroughbred kit was my first ACW 1/600 model. The Bay Area Yards kit is another good intro. The Manassas is a great kit for those starting out in the period. Minimal number of parts. Easy assembly and a straightforward paint job.