Sunday, April 16, 2017

Terrain for my 15mm inner brown coat.

While at the Game Haven (just one of my FLGS) for a Wings of Glory event, I spied a copy of Yahtzee on the shelves.  While I am a fan of most dice games (I'm a gamer for Pete's sake) I'm not normally a fan of Yahtzee. But this one was different....

That's right...Firefly Yahtzee. Now I couldn't care less about the dice in the game. What I wanted was the cool 'collectible' dice holder and rolling cup that just so happened to be a nice plastic version of the freighter Serenity from the old Joss Whedon series "Firefly".  My first thought was, meh, nice, but too expensive. Then I noticed it was 'on sale' for 40% off.


went home, took it out of the box and dragged out some of the 15mm stuff to see how well it scales with the model.  I think it'll work fine.

Here we are parked next to a Matchbox 'Russian' interceptor that is intended to be rebranded as an aerospace defense fighter.

Same as above, but with the Ground Zero Games high tech grav tank added to the mix.

A Vargr (right) argues with two civilians while a port security officer tries to sort things out without resorting to violence.  Air car is from the Laserburn range offered by Alternative Armies

Traffic at the local startport changes a lot. Here's a "Doe" gunship from Khurusan Miniatures. It's just had a base coat of desert tan applied. 

And with a 15mm Battlefront Jagdpanther, again for scale.

Assorted ground vehicles including a 'not-air raft' from Laserbun and a light recon grav AFV from Ground Zero Games. 

More activity at the downport. Another small freighter arrives - bigger than the Firefly class, but with a similar configuration.  (This is a kit-bashed Hunter-Killer toy from the Terminator:Salvation movie. It usually serves as a drop boat for the Mobile Infantry in my Starship Troopers games, but can pull double duty as a ship for 15mm games).

So the Firefly model should work well as a gaming piece. It's clearly on the 'terrain' end of the scale, so if it's a little small that's okay. It'll serve as a nice objective or spice up the downport setting for the table top game.

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