Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Spring into model building!

Well it's spring 2017. And that means break out the airbrush and start painting models. And then...


Okay, so let's start with BUILDING all the models acquired over the winter and THEN get to the painting. Yeah. that's the ticket! So what's up first. Halftracks and Panthers? And oh, the Panthers have the options to build JagdPanthers? Well...that's different.

So off we go.

First up are these two Battlefront JgdPzer V models. Nice details and an easy build. Should look good on the table.

The same two models from the front end. The big ol' 88 is nicely modeled. 

I got cheap. I had a spare Plastic Soldier Company Sdkfz 251D and spare parts from Battlefront's Puma box set, so I thought - time to scratch build another Stummel. 

An Old Glory dedicated 251/10 in front with the Battlefront model behind. Both are nominally 15mm, but the Old Glory model is showing the effects of about 20 years of scale creep - the Battlefront model is clearly larger. 

While I mounted the 75L24 and the side armor skirting, there's a bit of work left for filling and sanding to get a better look. Still though - good enough for the tabletop!

In the next installment, the models get painted! 

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