Saturday, February 4, 2017

Anaconda: River of Blood - the Red River campaign expansion for Anaconda

New to Wargame Vault is Anaconda: River of Blood, a supplement to the original Anaconda rules.

Designed to generate tabletop miniature games simulating naval naval battles during the ill-fated Red River campaign.  This supplement includes an order of battle for both sides, a strategic map of the Red River that replaces the original strategic map of the Red River, tactical maps defining sections of the Red River and special rules modifications to the core Anaconda game designed to replicate the  events of the original campaign.  

What's new here?

- The strategic map of the Red River is expanded. The original game didn't really focus on operations on the Red River, mostly as the campaign was pretty much over by that point in the war. 

-  Tactical maps are included for each of the strategic Area boxes. None of these tactical maps were included in the original rules. 

- Starting order of battle for the Red River campaign listing the ships and fortifications present at the start of operations. This gives you a historcal starting point for the game and an good plan for what ships you should field.

- Special rules for giving the Red River the historical character that made it unique.  

So break out those late-war Union ironclads, raise steam and ascend the River of Blood...if you dare! 

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