Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Armored Cav platoon vehicles

Just so we undestand what I'm trying to find infantry to fill, here are the vehicles of the armored cavalry (motorized) task force.

Vehicles are a mix of Rebel Miniatures, Rafm and Matchbox. The GZG mid-techers still looking like a good choice?

Light Scout cars. Rebel Miniatures on left, Matchbox with spare gun fitted.

Medium APC - RAFM "Imp" 6X6 wheeled with dual cannon/tube launchers

Matchbox Stryker given a primer coat of gray.

If one is good, two are better, right?

The Stryker is large - much larger than the Imp. But it's sci-fi so it's okay. A combo APC/FSV needs to be bigger.

I'd forgotten that the rear hatch actually can be dropped.


  1. GZG mid-tech infantry are a good choice for use with those vehicles.

  2. Yep, I think NAC or Colonial Defence Force, or even the two Tomorrow's War lines - DPRG or RANG - would work with these wheelers. If you want less body armour then Peter Pig's Hardened Militia are very nice figures I have a bunch for Traveller TL7 - 8 Planetary Defence Forces.