Sunday, May 25, 2014

Account locked out of the miniatures page....

Title says it all - locked from the miniatures page and without even a "so long and thanks for all the fish" from the site management. It's not like I even post that much to the thing. Must have gored someone's ox in the 2014 Tango...tango.

So, so long TMP - it was fun while it lasted.


  1. Sorry to hear that. Tango is a bit of a "sacred cow" on TMP. No matter how many people complain about his annoying habits, he get's away with it. Teflon Tango.

  2. You may find that you are not actually locked out. There was an upgrade yesterday to implement an ignore function that caused a lot of people to see no posts when looking at their home page. See this specific link to a topic with the details:

    It seems the current workaround is to ignore someone. It worked for me and many others.

  3. Well guys, that's what puzzling. I really didn't complain about Tango. I'd read his posts I found interesting and comment on them.

    I can still log in to my profile - I just can't post.

    Shaun - I tried the remedy you suggest. But when I look at my profile it clearly says "Trusted:
    No - Locked Account"

    So what's a "locked account"? According to TMP..."Accounts usually get Locked when someone breaking the forum rules flagrantly or repeatedly, or spamming."

    I'm not aware I broke any rules or conducted spamming.

    And it's not like the editor makes it easy to contact him.

    So it remains a mystery. It's a shame, I'd enjoyed the site over the years. Guess I'll just push on look at the other options.

    1. Ah well. It does look like you are locked out for awhile. TMP does cover a wide range of gaming stuff with a large amount of information not found in other forums. Good luck on finding another option that works for you - there are a few out there so hopefully it will not take too long.

  4. Wow, that is interesting? I found it ironic that I had two "ignores" already, and I rarely comment or post beyond gaming. I did state that I did not like Tango filling up the front page, but that personally he seems like a decent enough guy. Wonder why you were locked out?

  5. Got this from Texas Jack as a result of my "free The G Dog" campaign:

    The problem is that in this case he didn´t stay out of the Tango situation. In several of Tango´s posts he wrote the same thing: telling Tango to go away and then saying that Tango´s links were just ads (which was not true, btw).

    I think he should have been DH´d, but the locked account must have been something between he and Bill. It is a pity too, as we hopefully have all this garbage behind us now.

  6. I never did any such thing!

    But thanks for the thought.

  7. Well, the person who mentioned that has gone on to mention he confused you with someone else, and maybe the editor is paying attention!

  8. You have now been unlocked (according to Mr. Editor):