Sunday, December 8, 2013

WInter is coming...

...and no, I don't watch Game of Thrones.

Got a few inches of the 'white death' blanketing the ground outside, so its a good time to dive back into my hobby related projects.

Drifting away from sci-fi for a bit, we've spent the fall immersing ourselves in Ares Game's "Wings of Glory" (Aka "Wings of War" by Fantasy Flight Games). We've had great fun swanning around the miniatures table blasting away with our fighters and bombers. I've acquired more Caproni heavy bombers than is likely healthy, but that's a post for another website.

I'm awaiting the completing and delivery of my 28mm Sikh Wars figures from Studio Miniatures. Then I need to get off my buttocks and finish prepping for games at CincyCon 2014.

But wait there's more! Thanks to my friend Scott, I've gotten the bug to play Star Trek: Attack Wing. So I've made a modest investment in a Klingon task group to field in casual play and maybe the occasional organized play event.

All of this leaves my 15mm projects more on the back burner than I would like. I need to get the paint out and work on something to feel like I'm making progress. Maybe put together a small game for CincyCon that gets some of these troops on the table. Perhaps something small?


  1. We need to do more of the following:

    More Star Trek Attack Wing
    More Wings of Glory
    More Tomorrow's War/Ambush Alley

    What say ye?

  2. Yes to all?

    CincyCon was a fun time.