Saturday, December 28, 2013

Studio Miniatures Kickstarter delivers!

In this week's post I received my long awaiting 28mm Sikh War figures from Studio Miniatures.  This was the result of a Kickstarter I contributed funding too in late summer 2013. And what a parcel it was!

The parcel posted from the UK to me here in Ohio. Postage marked as 22 pounds!

Opening the envelope revealed the contents....lots of boxes and two clamshell packs.

Emptying out the envelope yielded the following...

One clamshell opened during transit and the contents were loose in the envelope. This must have happened late in the process and all the figures survived intact. (Hooray!) The KS personality figures from the stretch goals and the gun crews were in the clamshells, the 'battalions' of Sikh and British are in the white boxes.

Escapees from the packaging, but no casualties - not even the RSM with that long bayonet.

The infantry was well packed in each box

Some of the stretch goals included artillery crews for each two battalions ordered as part of the Kickstarter. The crews were in this clamshell.

The figures look great. Sharp detail and cleanly cast. Studio Miniatures has scored with the initial releases for their Sikh War line. Below are some images of more of the bonus figures.

Sikh General and water bearer

The British RSM

Mounted Sikh Officer

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